Evergreen Chai

The Chai We Brew Today Is Part Of An Ancient Herbal Remedy...

Chai originates from a medicinal tradition that began in India over 5,000 years ago. Throughout the beautiful lands of India, chair spices are plentiful and known for their ability to heal the body.

200 years ago, the healing spices found their way into hot cups of black tea. Tea was beginning to be grown in abundance in the lush mountains of India during British occupation. Black tea is known for its uplifting abilities and its high antioxidant content. It added a delightful twist to the herbal blend and has become a beloved drink around the world. 

We started out by perfecting a one-cup recipe with fragrant herbs, traditional black tea, and golden evaporated cane juice reminiscent of honey.

Today we brew our chair in small craft batches, bottle our product in recyclable containers, compost all of our spices, choose non-GM and fair trade ingredients, and contribute to organizations that protect Earth’s natural forests.