Modern Steep Tea Company

Modern Steep Tea Company features over 100 premium organic loose-leaf teas, from prized single-origin pure leaf teas to dozens of custom artisan blended teas and tisanes.  Additional rare and specialty teas are available in a rotating “Reserves” category wherein tea lovers have an opportunity to experience small batch, hand-crafted teas sourced directly from independent family-owned farms. 
Since 2006, Modern Steep (originally founded as Remedy Teas) has been acclaimed as an urban oasis for a new generation of tea lovers. In addition to serving up brewed tea and many tea-infused options like organic smoothies, lattes and specialty drinks, all 100+ teas are available loose leaf at the Capitol Hill location as well as through an online store.  A full line of tea accessories, free wi-fi, healthy and “tempting” foods and snacks serve as great complements to your tea experience when visiting. Modern Steep is also proud to offer several tea-focused educational events and interactive tastings throughout the year.
Whether you are an experienced tea aficionado, just curious about tea, or fall anywhere in-between, Modern Steep offers a friendly, down-to-earth approach to enjoying all that tea has to offer. 

Modern Steep is proud to participate in the NW Tea Festival as a method of promoting tea education and a culture of healthful tea in our region. Enjoy the Festival!