World of Tea: A Comparison Tasting of 8 Puer Teas

Day & Time: 
Saturday, September 5, 2015 - 2:00am to 4:00am

September 15 World of Tea Event

The September World of Tea event offers a very special opportunity to taste 8 different puer teas, all made in the same facility in the same year. The eight teas were made as a series of experimental cakes by the China Puer Tea Research Institute in 2010. There are four grades of shou (cooked) puer, and four grades of sheng (raw) puer. Crimson Lotus Tea purchased these teas after a visit to the institute, and will guide attendees through this interesting tasting of all eight of the teas, accompanied by information about the work done by the institute and what the facility was like when they visited.

One interesting part of our trip last year was working with the China Puer Tea Research Institute. They’ve been around almost 30 years. Their full name is the China Puer Tea Research Institute Tea Seed Multiplication Farm of Simao/Puer Yunnan or CPTRTSMF for short. The highly specific nature of naming in Chinese culture always amuses me! CPTR is a government sponsored research organization whose sole focus is puerh tea. They are largely farmer focused and exist to aid farmers in any way possible. Many of the research projects they started 30 years ago are just now showing results. They are based in Puer City, Yunnan. Yang Liu Xia is the woman who has run CPTR for 25 of the last 30 years. We met with her last Spring and she was a wealth of information. We toured the CPTR puerh research labs and gleaned as much information from her as possible.”

For more information on these teas and the institute, visit this post on the Crimson Lotus website.

Maximum 10 guests, $25 per guest.