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Exhibiting at the NW Tea Festival

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2010 Northwest Tea Festival
Vendor Information

The following Vendors will have booths at the festival this year:

Afternoon to Remember -
An On-Line store where you can purchase teas, cookbooks and tea accessories. We will have our teas and tea accessories at the festival for your selection.

Check out our fall teas! Pumpkin Creme, Voodoo, Chocolate Caramel Turtle, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Masala Chai, Velvet Fog (cinnamon and creme), Nutty but Nice (hazelnut and vanilla) and a new one-Butterscotch Caramel Toffee!

Visit http://www.afternoontoremember.com/ for more infromation.

Ajmera Innovations -
Ajmera Innovations thrives on providing economical, quality products and going beyond customer expectations. We are a leading manufacturer and innovators of Natural consumer foods. Ajmera Innovations, a Global company, offers superior quality food products that have been appreciated by consumers around the world. We were established in 1960 and now house offices in INDIA and the USA.

We will be featuring our Chi Teas at the festival for your enjoyment.

Visit www.ajmerainnovations.com/ for more information!

Barnes & Watson Fine Teas - *** Festival Sponsor *** -
Barnes & Watson Fine Teas is dedicated to providing the freshest handcrafted teas for our customers. Each tea we import and blend is cupped for quality and consistency in flavor at several stages before leaving our facility. We sample teas from many estates around the world to find a selection of teas offering the highest quality.

Barnes & Watson Fine Teas® has received many honors over the past 18 years. These honors include 15 awards from the 2005 – 2009 World Tea Championships, with our 2009 entry, Golden Leaf Selections Jade Oolong, taking FIRST PLACE, and in 2008, our Star Spangled Herbal and Emerald Blossom teas both were rated in the top five. Our client list includes hospitality clients such as the Tom Douglas Restaurants in Seattle, The Fairmont in San Francisco, The Phoenician Resort in Phoenix, and The Conrad Hilton in Chicago.

In addition to our second to none iced teas and loose leaf hot teas, we offer a total of fifteen hot teas in tea bags. Each teabag will brew a generous twelve-ounce cup of delicious hot tea. These teabags are an unsurpassed offering of whole leaf tea in a teabag. Most teabags contain fannings and dust, which do not yield the quality our brand provides. We offer a full service Exper-teas™ iced tea program with four iced tea flavors, equipment and service available to suit your needs.

Visit www.barnesandwatson.com for more information!

Choice Organic Teas - *** Festival Sponsor *** -
Founded in 1989, Seattle's own Choice Organic Teas is the leading purveyor of exclusively organic teas, the first company to introduce certified organic and Fair Trade Certified™ teas in the U.S., and the first tea company to earn Non-GMO Project Verification.

We offer more than seventy varieties of quality black, green, oolong, white teas and herbal infusions in tea bags, tea pyramids, and loose leaf.

Our mission is to provide high quality teas while continuing to lead the tea industry towards more social and environmental sustainability with thoughtfully produced, innovative new products and packaging.

Visit www.choiceorganicteas.com for more information.

Essential Baking Company- *** Festival Sponsor *** -
Nourishing the Body & Soul of the Community™

Established in Seattle in 1994, The Essential Baking Company bakes organic breads, pastries and desserts using traditional artisan methods.

All of our breads are certified organic, and we never use artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, or genetically modified organisms. We use naturally fermented starters for our breads, and our pastries and desserts are made by hand in small batches. These time-honored techniques take more time but are worth the effort.

We support community groups and events that enrich lives, and each day we donate bread to local non-profit organizations that work to feed the hungry and improve our community.

Visit our Bakery Cafès in the Wallingford, Madison Valley and Georgetown neighborhoods. Each café features fresh baked pastries; organic espresso and teas; house made soups, salads, sandwiches, and crepes; and of course our famous breads and luscious desserts. Our products can also be found in fine grocery stores throughout the Puget Sound area.

Join us at the Northwest Tea Festival in the Tea Garden Café for lunch, snacks and to try our brand new tea cakes.
Visit http://essentialbaking.com for a location near you!

International Tea Importers -
Since 2000 - International Tea Importers or ITI has become a major importer of organic and fair trade teas as well as conventional teas from every producing country of the world. Owner Devan Shah and his company, ITI, has been a major force in helping to create and supply the Tea Renaissance blossoming all around us today in this country. Visit ITI's booth and sample many fine teas that they have to offer.

Visit www.teavendor.com/ for more information!

International Tea Sippers Society -
The International Tea Sippers Society is an opportunity for tea lovers to discover fun, value and the latest trends in the World of Tea. ITSS was created to help tea lovers of all preference – from those who enjoy a glass of iced tea with meals to the whole-leaf gourmets – to connect directly with tea businesses, and join a network of fellow tea lovers for tea focused travel, tea education and other special events. Owner Babette Donaldson will have at the festival a fine selection of books about tea and family tea events for you to choose from.

Visit www.teasipperssociety.com/about/ for more information!

Otaku Tea -
Otaku Tea is focused making tea for the steampunk and cyber punk sub-culture. Gamers, Anime Fans and Geeks Welcome.

Visit www.otakutea.com/ for more information!

Peli Tea -
Enjoy the perfect union of East and West that is PeLi Teas. From the East comes a deep understanding of tea with its long history and personal relationships with some of the finest tea producers in China. From the West comes a passion for healthy living and a desire to share the healthiest teas in the world with its customers. We bring you our healthy and delectable White, Green, Oolong, Black and Pu’er teas from the most beautiful tea gardens in China. Come taste our wonderful discoveries – you will never feel the same about tea again.

Visit www.peliteas.com/ for more information!

Perennial Tea Room - *** Festival Sponsor *** -
From tea cozies to collectible tea pots, from imported English tea bags to estate teas in bulk and tea supplies, the Perennial Tea Room offers teas from around the world and a wide variety of tea supplies.

Since 1990 we have "served" the tea community of the US, in person and by mail, from our location in Post Alley, in the Historic Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Washington.

Visit www.perennialtearoom.com/ for more information!

SA Japanese Green Tea -
The SÁ family of Japanese gourmet green tea products was launched in 2008 to introduce consumers in the United States to authentic, exceptional-quality Japanese green tea. SÁ green tea is distributed and marketed by Sugimoto America, Inc.

"Our mission is to introduce an American audience to the fine taste distinctions among gourmet green teas. Green tea of this caliber adds to the daily experience of a quality lifestyle, much like a fine wine does. Of course, we also want to spread the message about the health benefits of green tea," said VP of Business Development Kyohei Sugimoto, who runs the Seattle offices of Sugimoto America.

Visit www.sugimotoamerica.com/ for more information!

Tagashira Tea Company -
Tagashira Tea Company, a family owned business, was established in 1930 and Yui, is in the third generation. She took over the business from his father with a big passion on the Japanese tea. It took her many years to perfect all the intricacies of tea. Now, not only does she respects the tradition of Japanese tea but also pursue and celebrates new flavors. She is also working on developing the real taste of Japanese tea in a tea-bag for someone who is busy but a real gourmet. She would love to hear from you and you will hear from her - how she selects tea leafs from farmers who commit nothing but quality. And how she processes her teas to bring out best flavor out. So, please join us and enjoy the tea which she brought from Japan especially for this occasion.

Tao of Tea -
Pure Leaf Purveyors
Tea purists seek only the clean, clear and pure flavor of the leaf. This is because the unadulterated leaf has the capacity to provide an experience which has inspired many artists, musicians, philosophers and monks. Our company is based on this premise and offers great quality leaf that is fresh, flavorful and full of soul. Only a small portion (less than 5 percent) of all tea made in the world comprises the 'orthodox' or full leaf style of processing. In addition, only a few tea areas remain where 'old-style' hand processing is still practiced from tea plants that grow wild or those that have been preserved for centuries. The Tao of Tea works primarily with tea growers that practice this true art of tea making.

Visit www.taooftea.com/ for more information!

Tea Lady Tea Shop & Tea Bar Tea – An Affordable Luxury -
Tea Lady, a family-owned business established in 1995 in Olympia, Washington, has created its niche market by specializing in tea and everything for tea. Tea Lady has hundreds of teas from around the world – the latest estimate is 1,000 teas and herbal infusions. Tea Lady also sells packaged goodies such as candies and cookies including some gluten-free items, sugars, honeys, and British teas, beverages and biscuits. Then, there is the tea ware – lots of variety in teapots (East and West), water kettles, cups, travel mugs and sipping cups, infusers, tea cozies, tea tidies and lots of fanciful little plates and bowls as well as children’s tea sets and tea dress-up items. Finally, Tea Lady has ventured into kitchen items such as tea towels, aprons, and gadgets. As you can tell, Tea Lady loves variety! Tea Lady’s customers love a large selection!

Tea Lady’s primary business is in-store and online retail sales. The Tea Bar with its free Wi-Fi is a friendly and inviting place to gather and sample new teas. Most of all, Tea Lady is a fun place to sample tea, shop and visit!

Visit www.tea-lady.com/ for more information!

Teahouse Kuan Yin -
Greetings from Teahouse Kuan Yin! We search through the world of loose leaf teas and choose the finest to share with you.

Teahouse Kuan Yin has been a Seattle Wallingford District landmark since 1990, with the help of our devoted customers. Our cozy shop sells bulk teas and teaware which can also be purchased on our website, plus light meals, desserts, and hot or iced tea in our fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Visit www.teahousekuanyin.com/ for more information!

Three Cups of Tea -
You will be pleasantly surprised to find that Three Cups Of Tea has taken all the best from Tea Rooms around the world and brought them here. We have carefully selected teas sure to delight tea lovers. We have an educated staff that will help you with your selections from taste to brewing. Come and share your tea expertise with us and we love to learn from you as well. We have handpicked the teapots and tea wares we market.

Visit www.threecupsoftea.biz/ for more information!

Urban Tea -
Premium Products - Outstanding Service - Community Oriented - Serving the tea drinking public via their web site, Urban Tea is privileged to sell an extremely healthy and not to mention tasty product that is enjoyed worldwide by an increasing number of people (tea is the second most consumed beverage around the world, second only to water). Always wanting to do everything exceptionally, we have chosen premium products from around the world. We are also committed to outstanding customer service - we’re not happy unless you are.

Visit www.myurbantea.com/ for more information!

Wendy Ann Creations - A Northwest artist, Wendy Morgan carefully handcrafts tea cozies, pot holders and more. Using a wide range of fabric her creations range from traditional to whimsically decorative patterns. Wonderful to own and great as gifts. Come and see her wide selection.

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