Kominka Life Coaching & Retreat

Hi there! I'm Kiyomi, a passionate soul with a love for entrepreneurship, life coaching, and the enchanting world of tea. I've triumphed over challenges like supporting my husband through cancer and building a thriving tea business. These moments deepened my understanding of the life-changing power of mentorship, driving me to become a certified Life Coach. My mission? To unleash the potential within others through the power of simplicity. Inspired by the Calm Alertness found in a soothing cup of green tea, I guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery and inner tranquility. Whether through invigorating online sessions or immersive cultural experiences in the magnificent landscapes of Northeastern Oregon, like the captivating Japanese Tea Ceremony or a serene Self Retreat at our Kominka "Tea House," we'll embark together on a transformative path toward clarity and embrace a life of fulfillment. Join me on this extraordinary adventure of coaching and cultural immersion, and let's unlock the extraordinary within you!