Kumaon Tea

Discover the Resurgence of Kumaon Tea: A Himalayan Tea Gem

Nestled in the majestic Himalayas of northern India lies Kumaon, a once-forgotten tea region that is making an awe-inspiring international comeback. With roots dating back to the 1840s when the British first introduced tea cultivation, Kumaon's tea farmers have embarked on a remarkable journey over the past two decades to revitalize their local tea production.

Today, in an exciting collaboration, Kumaon tea farmers have joined hands with Young Mountain Tea, to launch a groundbreaking world-class tea factory. This pioneering endeavor not only promises to elevate the quality of Kumaon tea but also empowers the local communities that have been an integral part of this time-honored tradition.

Distinguished as the world's first specialty tea factory with shared ownership between Indian tea farmers and American tea companies, this initiative sets a precedent for cross-border cooperation and sustainable business practices.

Join us at the Northwest Tea Festival, where you'll have the unique opportunity to savor Kumaon's exquisite organic black and white teas while immersing yourself in the story of this remarkable new factory. Experience firsthand the passion and dedication that have driven this revival, and learn how this project has been made possible through the support of Frontier Co-op and USAID. Generously funded by the American people, this endeavor is a testament to the boundless potential of collaboration in creating a brighter future for both tea enthusiasts and the hardworking communities behind every cup.

Embrace the resurgence of Kumaon tea as it takes its place on the global stage. Be a part of this transformative journey and celebrate the harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and community empowerment at the Northwest Tea Festival.