Leaf Co, Ltd

LEAF Co. Ltd is a company working with numerous Matcha farmers in Japan and has as its mission to increase the Shelf Shade Matcha plantation concept. Our plantation has solar panels shading the tea field and coupled with shade curtains, manages the photosynthesis of our tea plants to create a high quality Matcha. Controlling photosynthesis by shading the plants is an authentic quality control method for producing quality Matcha, and by adding solar panels creates clean power in addition. In this way we can shade the plants and also send this generated power back over the power grids, making our product a very unique Eco friendly product

At the tea festival, we would like to educate the public about authentic quality Matcha by demonstrating the of making Matcha and by serving samples. This is the season of the year where new Matcha is available, so stop by our booth and learn more about the process of Matcha production sample this fine tea and learn about efforts of the farmers to showcase our products:

Visit our website below for more information. Use Google translate to display the site in english.