Mauna Kea Tea

After extensive travel and study in tea production and culture, Taka and Kimberly Ino founded Mauna Kea Tea on the Big Island of Hawaii to devote their lives and raise family, following the way of nature. Nature teaches us to cultivate pure and humble minds, intently observing and listening and to see the world without judgement. She forgives our mistakes and guides us back to the way of nature. Truly natural tea embodies these qualities and we hope you find them in your cup.

Our commitment to the environment is demonstrated through our farming practices. By joining the USDA National Organic Program, we have testified that we adhere to a set of legally binding regulations set forth by the USDA. Crops produced by natural farming methods have very little potential for contributing to pollution, and the soil fertility can be maintained indefinitely.

Our goal is to grow and process teas of exceptional purity and cleanliness and educate people about these qualities.

Please visit our booth while at the festival to sample our teas and learn more about their creation. You can also visit our website to order tea and tea related products as well as learn more about us and the teas we produce.