Portal Tea

We’re Portal Tea — while our easiest definition is that we’re a collection of PNW-local teahouses, that’s really not the whole picture. We offer over 120 unique tea blends in just about every form you can imagine, both online and in person.

After twenty years in business, we’ve collected a taste for new, exciting flavors; we have the obvious stuff, but there are quite a few more unique options, too, including:
-Black, green, white, oolong & puer (fermented) teas
-Rooibos blends
-Over a dozen types of chai
-Loose herbal, apothecary, yerba maté & guayusa blends
-Retail-ready (or pantry-ready) teas in tins

As for our appearance at the NW Tea Festival, you’ll be able to sample our new nitro iced teas, two chai concentrate flavors, and plenty of fan-favorite samples, both fresh and in our adorable new tins.
Twenty years ago, we were the first to bring boba to Portland, Oregon — and if we have our way, there are more surprises to come.