Serene Tea

Serene Tea, previously known as Serendipiteacha, is founded in early 2019 in Seattle. As a new business, we are very excited to connect with the local tea drinkers. Our goal is to bring single origin artisanal Chinese teas to the local tea community and tea lovers nationwide and we hope to connect people together by sipping tea and through authentic Chinese tea culture. We source teas directly from China, Taiwan and some Southeast Asia areas based on extensive study and visits to native tea farms, and we attribute a strict quality control as well as the uniqueness of our teas to the owner’s tea sommelier training background. 

We are proud of our Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong teas, white teas (fresh and aged), as well as unique handcrafted herbal blends created by us. We aim to share stories of our teas, education on tea history and brewing methods and hopefully bring a surprise or two to every tea lover’s tea journey.