World of Tea Series: Tea and Food Pairing Intensive

Hosted by Roberta Fuhr (Experience Tea Studio)

In this July 16th class we tasted five single origin teas with nine different savory, sweet, pungent and bitter tastes—a myriad of combinations to give you a tasting adventure. We used tasting sheets so that each participant could record perceptions and play with their own favorites well after the class. 

Teacher Bio: Roberta Fuhr is the owner of Experience Tea Studio in Issaquah and has been teaching adults and children’s Tea Discovery classes since 2011. A Certified Tea Specialist, Roberta was trained through the Specialty Tea Institute and has traveled throughout China, Japan and Sri Lanka to augment and enhance her understanding of tea. All her classes involve history, cultures, science and botany of tea—no matter what the theme may be. Tea is much more than a drink—it’s an experience.