World of Tea Series: A Treasure Trove of Japanese Teas

Hosted by Heather Porter (Hanamichi)

This was an adventure in tasting several of the fine Japanese teas that were brought back by Heather Porter (who writes the blog Hanamichi) on her most recent trip to Japan. On February 20th, we tasted several excellent quality teas, using fine Japanese tea wares in their preparation and consumption. 

A couple of the teas:

Kamigokoro is a kabusecha from Ocha no Kanbayashi in Uji. The Kanbayashi family began producing tea in Uji in the mid-16th century and are the only tea family in the region to continue to produce tea through the upheavals of the Meiji Restoration and into modern times.

Tougenkyou from Cha Cha no Ma in Tokyo was hand-plucked from new tea plants in Shizuoka. The name is Japanese for Shangri-la, the Peach Blossom Land, and refers to the delicate peach overtones of this sencha.