The Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants

At the NW Tea Festival which, if you did not attend you missed, I bought several kinds of teas from several different vendors. That is the point, is it not?

This year I tried the Yellow Mudan and the Haiku Peach, from the Jasmine Pearl Tea Company. They venture up from Portland, Oregon, if you need a cup of tea in Portland.  I had experience with yellow tea at the Phoenix Tea Shop, here in Burien, just south of Seattle. On Saturday mornings, the Phoenix does tea tastings, and one Saturday, we tasted some yellow tea. I really liked it, so when I came across it at the NW Tea Festival, I scarfed some to take home. 

Yellow tea is subtle, somewhere between a white tea and a green. It’s almost buttery on the tongue, and is a good sipping tea for all day. Unlike several green teas, it doesn’t taste like grass, an acquired taste. Do I look like a cow, looking for a nice, green, grassy snack? Still, I know, some people love that taste. I prefer the acquired taste of Scotch. 

It’s hard to go wrong with white peach tea, and the Haiku Peach is no exception. It might be my new favorite all-day sipping tea.

While in Portland recently, I visited the Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants. Situated near the Rose Quarter, the parking was easy, the store was bright and easy to navigate, the tea people were helpful, and the tea was fabulous. It was an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon.

A train trip to Portland and an afternoon of tea tasting is rest for the brain.