Tea Candy

Really? Why didn’t I think of this? Tea has infused itself into everything else, why not candy?

…and now it has. 

If you like iced Sweet Tea, from The South, you will love these candies. Sweet Tea, in case you are unfamiliar, is so sweet that it can give you diabetes and add six pounds of fat to your frame as you are swallowing the candy. I believe that there is more sugar than tea in Sweet Tea. But no more, perhaps, than Coca Cola, if you are inclined that way. 

It’s a little too sweet for me, except for going to the theater, where I am prone to coughing during performances. In that case, the small candies are perfect for coughing attacks, keeping my discomfort to a minimum. I am throwing these little snacketto’s in the bottom of my purse, for future theater soirees.

Even though it’s “all natural”, and contains anti-oxidants (according to the packaging), it’s still candy, and loaded with sugar. Not that there is anything wrong with candy……….

But I will take my tea in another form, thanks.