Purple Tip Pu-erh, Zen Dog Studio & Tea House Gallery

The color is gorgeous, a beautiful caramel color. Still, it’s a pu-erh, and not usually my favorite. Most smell like dirt; this one does not. At least, not with the first steeping. By the second steeping, it was taking on a decidedly earth smell, with an astringency that I didn’t care for. 

I decided to try this particular pu-erh because I was told that it was a good tea for those making the transition from coffee. I was interested from the tea point of view how that transition would look. 

It didn’t look bad. 

Purple Tip Pu-erh has a lot of body and punch to it. No bitterness, no from the earth tea. 

It’s very pleasant, and not at all like other black teas. 

Pu-erh’s apparently can vary from batch to batch. I tried a white pu-erh recently, which I really enjoyed. 

It’s like anything else; you have to experiment and find what you like. And what you don’t like. 

I don’t have to like everything. But I try most things at least once. 

Life is a grand experiment. So is tea.

This is a good tea for Super Bowl Sunday.

Go Seahawks!