Savrika Tea

Rupa Gadre has owned an appealing and well-stocked tea establishment in Kirkland, Wa for about a year and a half. Kirkland is across the water from Seattle, and Savrika Tea does well on the East Side. Downtown Kirkland has upgraded over the past 10-15 years, and Savrika Tea, located in the heart of downtown, blends right in. Like it was always there, waiting for your visit.

Tea is served in 16oz cups or 24 oz pots, and a small piece of chocolate accompanies each cup.  Who doesn’t like chocolate? Groups of people meet at Savrika for weekly get-togethers, and the tea shop has just the large table to accommodate them, in addition to several smaller, intimate tables.  

Rupa’s background is business, and it is her business to invite you in to Savrika Tea, and make you feel relaxed and rested. In this, she is wildly successful. The shop is open, bright, inviting. Tea is everywhere for the smelling. Savrika stocks over 200 different teas, many of them blends, while also maintaining the traditional straight teas. People who work there are knowledgable and helpful. They want you to experience tea, try new things, take your time. 

Lately, I have been drinking Oolong teas, and Savrika Tea’s Orange Essense Oolong was a wisp of orange smell and a taste of Florida oranges. Orange is a nice addition to Oolong. 

Rupa and Savrika Tea introduced me to a tea latte that smelled of strawberry cream, and was sweet enough to pass as a dessert.

True to form, I came home with a couple of familiar teas, and two teas with which I was unfamiliar, but smelled like I needed to try them. Who am I to argue with tea?