White Petal #72

The great thing about Steven Smith’s teas are how subtle they are. Smooth doesn’t begin to describe them. White Petal #72 is no exception. It is a white tea, full leaf, with osmanthus flowers from China, and chamomile petals from Egypt, though it doesn’t taste at all like chamomile. Enough with put-me-to-sleep chamomile teas. The tea leaves of #72 hail from the Fujian Province of China, one of the most productive areas for tea growing in China. The number 72 refers to the number of chamomile petals in each ounce of White Petal tea.

White teas are high in antioxidants, having exceptional health benefits. Who doesn’t want to live well for all of their life?

And white teas don’t need such hot water. Although any tea can be drunk at any temperature, including the standard 212 degrees, this tea is better served at 190. It brings out the full subtle, sweetness when it isn’t scalding your mouth at the usual 212.

For this and other interesting teas and tea facts, come to the NW Tea Festival, Oct 4th & 5th at the Fischer Pavilion at Seattle Center.