Sun Moon Lake Assamu

There is still much to do for the NW Tea Festival, Oct 5th & 6th, and they still need volunteers. It means free admission both days, and the company of multi-talented, sassy, and a-whole-lot-of-fun tea people. 

Meanwhile, I am drinking Sun Moon Lake Assumu tea, which is grown in the high mountains of Taiwan in the city of (wait for it) Sun Moon Lake. Who makes up the names of cities, and is there a lake in the middle of this one?

This is a black tea, and we are way past Lipton’s here. The color is a beautiful rich caramel, and the taste is a little of cherry or plum, to me, although the tin says prunes. Who wants to drink prune tea? No one except really old people with problems about which you do not want to hear. Plum, which is undried prune, sounds better. To me. Of course!

The tea company, Shen Zen Tea,, is difficult to find until you realize that they sell at farmer’s markets, not retail stores, a nice change. This is a plug to get you to support farmer’s markets and a local tea company. Which markets they sell at are listed on their website, as well as their teas, although the one I am drinking is not listed. Pity. As the website is still under construction, maybe they are still working on listing their teas. Keep working! So hunt them down at the farmer’s markets instead of their website, which is still under construction. And hope that they can get that together soon, for their business model. They have beautiful packaging with elegant design, and a smooth black tea that is quite enjoyable. I might want more.

Meanwhile, it’s six weeks to the NW Tea Festival at Fischer Pavilion, Seattle Center. Plan to attend, discover new teas, and listen to tea talks. Tea people rock!