It Came and Went. Did You Miss It?

The NW Tea Festival arrived last weekend, with beautiful, blue sky weather. Both days of the Festival were late summer weather. Seattle Center was brimming with people out sunning themselves, playing in the fountain, and attending the Festival. Tea was poured, snacks were eaten, conversation flowed, talks were given, and pottery was fired outdoors. No one froze out there, either. 

It was glorious. I love festivals. 

I drank gallons of tea, one tasting cup at a time. It took me all day. I like to chat up the vendors and fellow tea tasters. I sampled everything. I bought 8 new teas, to go with the 67 tins of tea that I already have at home. 

What is it about tea shops that we want to smell, taste, and take home new teas when we have quite enough already? Ok, I also have enough screwdrivers and flashlights, but I keep seeming to buy more of those as well. If you need a flashlight, a screwdriver, or a cup of tea……………see me.

And maybe I will see you next year at the NW Tea Festival, 2014. It’s never too early to plan for a festival!